Drew Hamilton Houses

  • Name: The Drew-Hamilton Houses
  • Location: Between 142nd street to the south and 144th to the north, with Frederick Douglass Boulevard to the west and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard to the east.
  • Population: There are 1,207 apartments that house approximately 2,891 residents.
  • Number of Residential Buildings: There are five, 21-story buildings.
  • Year Established: The first residents moved into Drew-Hamilton in 1963, but construction of the project wasn’t finished until 1965.
  • Fun Facts: The “Drew” part of the name comes from Cornelius J. Drew, the pastor of a church adjacent to the site of the housing development, who was an active member in the community. He fought for improved housing conditions in Harlem, and advocated for the construction of the project. “Hamilton” comes from Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury. In 2003, a man named Antoine Yates came into the hospital with unusually large bite wounds, claiming it was from his pit bull. Turns out he was keeping a pet tiger, Ming, and the story made international headlines. After a commando-like raid by the NYPD, Ming was rescued and Yates was sentenced to 6 months on Riker’s Island.

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