Tips Of Planning An Event Or Party In New York City

Whether you got stuck with the task of throwing one for your business or you are a professional planner, knowing how to schedule a corporate event or party in NYC can be overwhelming. Especially now in December, when the city is full of holiday celebrations! From the atmosphere, location, to food and more, the correct event takes effort and planning to come off seamlessly. Are you interested in planning an event or party in New York City? Then check out the rest of this article. It will help you discover some useful hints for planning an event or party in New York City.

Conceptualize Your Big Idea/Theme:

Choosing a theme for your party sets the tone of the event, whether you are doing a company’s picnic or a workshop or a private party in NYC. You will be able to get started with picking your decor, music, food and more. Ensure that your theme correspond to the crowd for which you are planning. To get started you can find a large variety of theme ideas online.

Set A Preliminary Budget:

It is always important to set a budget. This will help to determine how much you can spend invitations, room rental, entertainment, food, and any other additions. Keep in mind that the budget you set should also cover extra expenses that you didn’t anticipate for the event.  (there are always extra!)


Start Making Appointments To View Venue Locations And Meet Different Vendors:

At this point, you will have to start discussing room rental costs and know all that is entailed in their fees. Make sure to check the hours and availability of the venues that you are interested in. If nobody else has booked the space, then go ahead and start negotiations. Once you have agreed upon a price and booked the venue, it is time to set it up. Decide what your arrangement for the room will be, and take some time to set it up and decorate. Find out if the venue will be offering food service or any other assistance and supplies. If there is no such service, then go on to bring your own napkins, plates, linens and silverware.

In case you are to bring in your own caterer, start contacting potential vendors to look at their menus and prices. Sometimes, parties in NYC can get out of control. You can ask if bringing outside security for the event is allowed. It will help to keep outsiders from crashing your private party and protect you from any liability in the event that something happens.

Now, what party can exist without a great bartender? If your facility cannot provide one, look to hire a licensed one from a private company. Choose the drinks based on the type of party. For the corporate parties, keep it classy with a few high-end cocktails, expensive wine, and premium beers. For the wilder and larger parties, stick to the basics. Beer and well drinks.

Check to see if the venue or location can offer party supplies or if you have to bring along your own. Some services have a gamut of items that you can make use of such as glass jars, mirrors, candles, tables and just to mention a few. You will save more money by taking advantage of anything being offered for free by the venue.

Determine Your Menu With The Selected Caterer:

The menu will vary depending on the manner and timing of serving the food. Determine if it will be a sit-down plated meal or a buffet style. Also, you should be considering a dessert bar later in the evening or doing appetizers ahead of time, since most people who are also drinking will require a little extra food. Iron out the timing and exact details with the caterer so that your visitors do not go hungry at any point. And if they do have to wait, improvise with an impromptu toast or even a fun drinking game!

Make It Official:

At this juncture, you can start signing contracts with your vendors. Ensure that they provide you with a copy to avoid any future problems and alleviate any unwanted litigation down the road. Once everything has been done, you can start buying your decorations to suit the theme of the event. Go ahead to design and send your invitations over electronically or use traditional mail.

Make Yourself A To-do List Timeline:

Make sure to create a countdown checklist that lists all of the little details that remain before your big party or event. Chances are you will still be running around the a wild-animal hours before the event, but having things planned out beforehand will prevent too many last minute crises.


New York is probably the best city in the world when it comes to parties – but no one thinks about the people who actually put them on! With the comprehensive explanation in this article, you will agree that making a good plan can help your corporate event or private party in NYC a smashing success. Make sure that you taken the proper legal steps for gathering insurance, licenses, etc. so that you can have fun without worrying about the consequences (well, there is always a hangover!). If, for any reason, you want to hire your own party planner or event planner in NYC, I highly suggest Birthdays & Bottles –

Tis the Season to Watch Holiday Movies

Tis the season indeed. It is hard to get away from jingle bells on the radio or XMAS movies on tv, so we might as well embrace it right? Afterall, most holiday movies (or at least the best ones) are shot around New York. Here is a list of my favorites:


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Yes, it is hard not to love the bratty, but adorable Kevin McCallister as he goes up against the sticky bandits all alone in the big city. This movie has everything, from action, to heartbreak, laughter to tears. Definitely on the top of my list.



Miracle On 34th Street (1947)

This classic holiday movie is truly timeless. No matter how many times I have watched it on TV, I still just love it (even more!). Getting to see how New York was in the 40s is a treat on its own, but this movie is most likely the best XMAS movie made ever.


Serendipity (2001)

John Cusack is almost always great. Put him together with the beautiful Kate Beckinsale, in a heartwarming holiday romantic comedy shot in NYC and you have a winning combination. Get the popcorn and tissues ready for this feel good XMAS movie, because you’ll need it.

So what will you be watching this year?

New York City in December

It is no surprise that New York City, a place that is pretty much awesome all year round, is even more amazing during the holiday season. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, chances are you are going to find something for you. If you like the brisk outdoor cold, then you can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center. If you are in the mood for latkes and Chanukkah candles, then head on down to Crown Heights. If you are in the mood to party, then have no fear, there are plenty of holiday parties, big and small, happening this month in NYC.

Where can you find what’s good you ask?

Well the first place I check is Time Out New York’s calendar – then I like to check NYC.COM’s list of upcoming events which can be found here –

Just remember whatever it is you do. If you drink, don’t drive. Be safe this holiday season. Take a cab or subway.







xmas in nyc


Happy Holidays New York!